Deposit $400
Minimum stay 4 weeks
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Internet Yes
Smoking No
Can pickup airport? Yes
House has pets? No
Available from 01 Sep 2018
Available to 30 Jun 2019
Guests Students


Please call me Dan. About us? My son and I are first-generation Canadian. My wife works part-time at Hudson Bay downtown Vancouver and I own & operate a tutoring business for the past 18 years. I have many years of experience helping students who struggle with English, math, sciences, & social studies. My business also builds dedicated educational software for the tutoring industry. Our only son is 10 and our nephew, an international student, is currently residing with us and enrolling at BCIT. Our home is located right next to very safe and beautiful Trout Lake. Also it is very close to little Italy, Little Saigon, & Victoria Kingsway with great restaurants, parks, businesses & shops. The Nanaimo metro station is just minutes away that can give you quick hops to downtown or Metrotown.

I have extensive experiences working & consulting with students on how to develop academic excellence, navigate post-secondary educational programs, and share my knowledge about extending or applying permits from Immigration Canada. Allergic to dust and poor air? Our floors are high-end, real hardwood accented by Italian porcelain tiles, and hydro-radiant heated. We make a point to take our son and visit different libraries very often as well as attending many local festivities that are both for-profit or non-profit. We enjoy biking along the sea walls and parks, try new restaurants, and play indoor foos table or improvised dining-table ping pong. We also like to dunk basketball hoop, smash badminton birdie in our backyard, or sing silly karaoke music beside playing outdoor tennis.

We are health-conscious so only quality food is made & consumed, from blueberry waffles with eggs or ham, Vietnamese pho, bun bo hue, chinese dumpling, congee, mixed salads with small portion of quality meat, lasagna, spaghetti meatballs, macaroni & cheese, to steam seafood, sushi, sashimi, and occasional indulgences in pizza & hamburger. My wife and I are competent cooks and thoroughly pride ourselves of our foodie experiences.

My wife and I like to think that we can offer you the best of everything that Vancouver and our homestay has to offer.

MINIMUM STAY: 4 weeks (with 4 weeks advance of notice if leaving)

ROOM: 1 bedroom with lock and access to shared bathroom, open-space gym area, karaoke room, recreation room


*accept high school students and custodial services are negotiable
*no smoking, no pet, no underage drinking
*no denting walls and floors
*be home by 10:30 PM unless notify in advance because of special outings
*no guest overnight
*no eating in the room except for light snack
*no late payment
*do your own laundry
*use your own personal hygiene products
*use common sense: clean after yourself and be well-organised


Place Distance Time By

Gladstone Secondary School

1 kms



Vancouver Technical Secondary

2 kms



Stratford Hall Elementary-Secondary School

2 kms



ILAC International College (West Cordova

8 kms



Vancouver Community College

3 kms



BCIT college

7 kms



University of British Columbia

16 kms



Emily Carr University

4 kms